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Misery © N13 2018.

Depressive black metal.

Self-hatred redemption.

Absoute, Demo 2012, Tape, Distant Voices, 2022.
Messe Interdite, Album, Tape, Distant Voices, 2022.
Triste.Aorte, Ep, Tape, Distant Voices, 2021.
The dead sessions, Ep, Tape, Distant Voices, 2020.
Random acts of meaningless joy, Album, Cdr, Distant Voices, 2019.
Mélancolie Suite, Ep, Tape, Distant Voices, 2017.
Asthenia, Ep, Cdr, Distant Voices, 2017.
Mélancolie IV, Ep, Cdr, Distant Voices, 2016.
No days to the funeral, Album, Cdr, Distant Voices, 2015.
Black crafted elegies, Album, Cdr, Distant Voices, 2014.
Mélancolie, Ep, Tape, Blwbck/Distant Voices, 2013.
For the loss of ghosts, Ep, Cdr, Distant Voices, 2013.
Lore, Album, Tape, Blwbck, 2012.
Miséricordes, Album, Tape, Blwbck, 2012.
Messe Interdite, Album, Cdr, S/R, 31.12.2011.
Miseria Aeterna, Demo, Cdr, S/R, 2011.
Elendighet III, Demo, Cdr, S/R, 2009.
Untitled, Demo, Cdr/Tape, S/R, 2005.


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