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Aube Grise
"Ton ombre, mon linceul"
Unreleased song.
Taken from the recording sessions of Aube Grise's second album, Mauvais Augure.

The artist behind Aube Grise is Anna M., the photographer and graphic designer for the fascinating French label Distant Voices, which releases black metal and ambient music in very limited handmade editions wrapped in fine papers or fabrics. Her second Aube Grise album, Mauvais Augure, was released this past fall, and a new EP named Hanterieur will be released by Distant Voices on March 19, 2017. But this next piece isn’t from either of those releases, though it was recorded during the Mauvais Augure sessions.
This short piano composition is called “ton ombre, mon linceul”. Slow, sombre, and spectral, it weaves a spell in almost no time, but it’s an uneasy spell. A skittering sound races around behind the notes, matched in a way by the flickering candle flames in the video. Fitting music for the dead of winter.

(No Clean Singing. December 2016.)

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