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Speaking with faded gods.

Les forêts, Tape, Titania Tapes, 2023.
Abel/Kane, Cd, Cloud Chamber, 2022.
Les fastes, Tape, Distant Voices, 2021.
Oscura Aeterna, Tape, S/R, 2021.
Black metal mass tape, Tape, S/R, 2021.
Oracle, Tape, Brasov, 2021.
Luciferis, Cd/Tape, Ideologic Organ/Editions Mego, 2021.
Jolene (split with Thomas Bel), Tape, Brasov, 2021.
The Waves, tribute to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, digital album, 2020.
Antigone, Tape, Brasov, 2020.
Nona, Decima et Morta, Lp, Ideologic Organ/Editions Mego, 2020.
Maison Morte, Tape, Titania tapes, 2020.
Chant IV, Cdr, Reverb Worship, 2020.
Le Diable, Cdr, Reverb Worship, 2020.
Medea, Cd, Drone Sweet Drone, 2019.
Medea, Tape, Standard in-fi, 2019.
La Manta (with Clara de Asis), Tape, Drone Sweet Drone, 2017.
De Stijlphone, Tape, NPH, 2017.
Chant IV, Lp, Drone sweet Drone, 2016.
Le Diable, Tape, Drone Sweet Drone, 2016.
Virginie souvenirs de la maison défunte, Tape, Drone Sweet Drone 2015.
Stroj/Zamek, Cdr, Drone Sweet Drone, 2013.
La Messe, Digital album, Nowaki, 2012.
Hounsi, Digital album, Nowaki, 2011.
Tellem, Digital album, 2009.


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