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© Ulrike Bernard.

Atmospheric black metal.

Formed in 2010 and hailing from Berlin, Germany, Sun Worship play a hybrid style of black and death metal executed with harsh melodic ferocity, great momentum, an impeccable sense of hooks, and charged by exceptionally frantic yet organic and musical drumming as an equal instrument alongside guitar and vocals.

Emanations of desolation, Album, Tape, Distant Voices, 2022.
Emanations of desolation, Album, 12", Vendetta, 2019.
Eleven four fifteen, Live album, 12", S/R, 2018.
Pale dawn, Album, 12", Golden antenna, 2016.
Into the vortex, V/A, Tape, Yehonala, 2016.
Elder giants, ALbum, 12", Sick man getting sick, 2014.
Split with Unru, Ep, 12", Sick man getting sick/An out, 2013.
Surpass eclipse, Ep, 12", An out, 2013.
Split with Earth chaos, Ep, Tape, Tweaktyme, 2012.
S/T, Ep, Tape, S/R, 2011.


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